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Course Dates 

March 8th - March 22nd, 2021

  • Option to DIVE in during the 2-week immersion or move at your own pace.
  • Course portal FILLED with detailed information to help your business grow
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Build your Brand Course 

Turn your passion into a life sustaining business!

The Build Your Brand course is a 2-week immersion that will help you stand out as a business owner in the Wellness Industry. This course is centered around developing your own brand and creating a plan to execute financial success and stability.

 What will I learn? 

  • Develop and implement your email building strategy to gain clients
  • 4 steps to take to ensure financial freedom
  • Create lead magnets that highlights your brand to increase your revenue
  • Improve your consistent social media strategy to connect with your audience
  • Define your offers to bring in revenue
  • Create or refine a landing page or website home page that houses compelling copy
  • Implement strong call to actions that attracts more students to your brand. 

Meet your Leads 

Sheri and Priscilla have over 30 years of combined small business experience. Their qualified knowledge and passion for the industry will transform you. 

This course will teach you (yoga, fitness, personal trainers, studio managers, etc.) how to:  

  • Connect personal values with the direction and growth of your business.
  • Learn the tools to quickly drive up attendance and income.
  • Understand the importance of diverse revenue streams and then effectively create action.
  • Build + educate a target audience using landing pages, website, social media, blog posts, etc.
  • Thrive as a small business owner living their passion.

Who is the Build your Brand Course for?

The Build Your Brand course is for yoga and fitness instructors, personal trainers, massage therapists, nutritionists, coaches and other wellness industry professionals who would like the support and tools to growth their business.

     Am I ready?

  • You want to find more ways to show up in your wellness career but don’t know where to start.
  • You know that building an email list, creating a website and your presence on social media are important but do not know the steps to take.
  • You are ready to turn a passion project into a successful small business.
  • You have been focused on in-person classes and your studio now has limited offerings



Build Your Brand Modules

Included in this course, you will learn about the most powerful topics to refine your teaching career.

You will learn how to solidify values within your life and business, how to establish your brand and marketing, key principles to optimize your business presence, and leave with completed portions of your business that will increase your visibility and revenue potential.

You will receive coaching from our team throughout the course. We want you to use this experience as an opportunity to create a successful business for you.


This course will help you understand how to apply your values to your career and do so in a way that will help attract your clientele. You will also define what success means to you. The value of success for each person looks different and understanding yours will help manifest your professional vision. 

Creating Opportunity

The industry has been shifting for a while and we are currently experiencing radical change. What does this mean for you as an industry professional? We will dive into where the industry as a whole is headed, the importance of creating multiple revenue streams and best practices on how to get started to respond to what your audience needs. 


Your brand is how your audience will see and connect with you. Branding will attract clients that identify with your values and directly informs your marketing strategies.

You will learn how to use email marketing, website design and social media efficiently and effectively. We will cover best practices in managing these marketing strategies for optimal use in reaching your target audience utilizing rich and beautiful copy that is genuine to you. 

Take Action

You have all of the tools to create a successful business, now it is time to take action. You will leave this course not just with concepts but an executed plan. During this final module you will: 

  • Build your email following with landing pages and social media

  • Plan an offering and share it with your audience

  • Create copy for your website, social media, emails that aligns with your brand

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